Rental Car Insurance Rates Added to Comparison Tool at Auto Company Website

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 23, 2014

Short or long-term plans for various insurance products can now be reviewed electronically while using the Quotes Pros website online. A new supply of rental car insurance rates can be explored by any person who is seeking this form of coverage at

American drivers who are able to input a zip code that is linked to a U.S. city can use the available system to find rental automobile coverage rates. Because rates are calculated based on locations, no system user enters data like a mailing address or vehicle identification number upon system entry.

“An assortment of rates are offered when using our system to help drivers find a full coverage or liability policy for any rental car rented in the USA,” a Quotes Pros rep said.

The comparison system that is open for usage from the company has been programmed to generate most types of insurance costs.

The providers existing inside the system are capable of offering more than one plan for coverage and this has expanded the system to providing rental, liability, full coverage and risk level insurance plans.

“Someone who uses our insurer system network to find a local or national price can select between a number of policy types that insurers are offering based precisely on a zip code,” the rep confirmed.

The Quotes Pros company is continuing to support American consumers who plan to conduct insurance research on the Internet. The automotive plan providers that are accessible are currently mixed in with the providers of health, renters and homeowner plans that are also available to explore at


The company supplies a direct source of pricing information to consumers who use its website to find insurance industry coverage data. The company supplies a calculated price quote by way of each insurer that exists in the platform used to distribute price data. The company has improved the features that are found free of charge inside of its search system and now supplies health, life, auto and renter policy rates direct to the American public.

Half of People Know a Hoarder Report Shocking Details of Junk Piles

Foster City, CA. (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Junk piled to the ceiling, bugs on food, used cat litter, rat droppings, dead animals, stacks of fast-food cups, boxes of empty pill bottles, and used Band-Aids are among the items seen in hoarders houses by respondents to a new survey by, an independent consumer insurance website.

According to a survey of 2,000 adults, 46 percent know someone who hoards, and 6 percent of people identify themselves as hoarders.

Among people who know a hoarder, 36 percent said they had to clean out a house after a hoarder moved or passed away.

Compulsive hoarding is a disorder that goes beyond collecting or lack of cleaning. Hoarders are unable to stop adding to their piles, and the items end up impeding daily activities. Hoarders may feel emotional attachments to objects that others regard as trash, even while health, fire, and even structural hazards are apparent to others.

A stack of old newspapers doesnt necessarily make you a hoarder, said Amy Danise, editorial director of A stack of old newspapers that blocks a door does.

Heres whos hoarding, according to survey results:


Summer Storms and Your Car

Summer Storms and Your Car
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Value Penguin ranks Salida in top 30% for cheapest state car insurance prices
Car insurance for Salida motorists is among the top 30 percent for cheapest prices in the state and is cheaper than Buena Vista and CaƱon City, according to a study by Salida ranked 22nd in the 76 cities surveyed, with the average …
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Choose insurance coverage for rental cars
CardHub released a study showing that 20 percent of consumers purchase supplemental coverage with car rentals. The reason: Confusion about whether their auto insurance covers a rental. According to the study, 62 percent don't think their auto insurance …
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Average Car Insurance Rates by State 2014; 30-70% Discounts Now Available Online

(PRWEB) July 08, 2014

Many drivers across the nation are experiencing higher car insurance rates so it’s important to find new sources and strategies to get the cheapest rates. is constantly looking for better ways to bring their users affordable auto insurance and have announced an update that will benefit any driver looking for the best rates.

Get affordable insurance quotes today; click here.

With an update to their database and search results, Quote Helper believes their newly enhanced site can address the growing consumer need for insurance rates that allow them to budget their monthly bills in a realistic manner.

With in depth knowledge of the industry and partnerships with top car insurance companies across the nation, has adjusted their site to use common state by state insurance factors to match users with the right providers. The average insurance rates by state for 2014 have now been updated which brings better opportunity for savings.

Get free no obligation auto insurance quotes today at

The main factors that affect auto insurance rates by state are:

the percentage of uninsured drivers
crime rate and theft
risk of natural disasters
traffic density
competition between insurance companies uses this data in a positive way for the consumer by connecting them only with reputable insurance companies that are known for giving the cheapest rates in each state or are currently running promotions in the given state at the time of listing.

About Quote Helper

The popular insurance comparison site has been operating for over 2 years bringing its users the most affordable rates available online. The site has become a leader in providing hassle free insurance quotes because of its simple 3 step system that allows users to get results with no obligations to sign up for a policy as well as no personal information. With no need for email, or any other contact details, consumers are assured that no sales calls or spam will follow. Bringing quotes from top insurance companies such as Progressive, State Farm, Geico and many other A-rated (Better Business Bureau, AM Best) together in one listing has led to savings ranging from 30-70% across the nation.

Click here to take advantage of the newly updated site and search for cheap car insurance quotes.

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To know the average cost of insurance in your state it is enough to open the page and find an amount for your state.

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Lowest Car Insurance Prices for Michigan Drivers Added to National Quote System

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

Annual premiums for vehicle insurance coverage can now be researched by Michigan drivers utilizing the Quotes Pros website for research purposes this year. A portion of the lowest car insurance prices for Michigan drivers can now be reviewed at

The monthly costs for coverage plans that are available come directly from state and nationwide companies solely in the U.S. The licensed insurance agencies that are providing the rates data also provide a link to help drivers purchase a discounted plan through a secure portal.

“Price is always one of the important factors when a consumer researches the car insurance industry and our website helps deliver real time price content,” a Quotes Pros source said.

The major cities in the state of Michigan are represented in the agencies that are quoting plans directly at the website. The agencies underwrite specialty coverage for SR22, non owner, full coverage and other options that are more advanced compared with standard state minimum protection.

“The reviews for prices that are instantly obtainable while utilizing the detailed quotes tool we offer could help a driver to save cash when upgrading or buying a coverage plan,” said the source.

The Quotes Pros company website has been adjusted to feature vehicle repair insurance coverage packages that are now separate from standard insurer protection. The repair policies are offered from a different database accessed at


The company offers ways to explore vehicle insurance prices using its simple tool on the Internet. American motor vehicle owners have access to this system by entering a zip code to perform price reviews. The company has recently launched procedures that speed up all delivery of quoted prices for various insurance agency policies. New price data can be pulled from the system each day by consumers.

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Save on moving expenses to stay out of debt

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car thieves get keys through letterbox
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New Year Post card to Azerbaijan by Yanni Team




By Alim

Happy Birthday Yanni, Azery fans Party for Yanni ,1st Part

By Alim

Today , we had a great party for Yanni Birthday. Hapy Birthday, Yanni !
It is our Yanni Cake :)

By Alim

We’re excited to announce that for the first time since 1995, Yanni will be performing in Australia as well as making his first performance ever in New Zealand!
Additional tour dates will be added to Yanni’s “World Without Borders” Concert tour, so stay tuned. Click here for additional tour information.
By Alim

All Access – Yanni On Tour – Season 3 Trailer

By Alim